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The Unruly Pig

" A J Kernahan stood out by a country mile for their service , quality of finish and value for money delivered .

If you want utter reliability and integrity. If you want builders to turn up on time and be flexible . If you want to work with a courteous , client focussed and enthusiastic team, go with Kernahans .

You need to have trust and confidence with builders . They will find cost effective solutions ....not solutions that suit them or just income generate.

We trust them implicitly. Peace of mind is worth a little extra .

They are so different to the pack that AJ Kernahan and in particular Lee Sulley got special mention and thanks at our reopening party. You can trust AJ Kernahan to deliver . Simple as that . " 


- Brendan Padfield, Proprieter

Commercial and domestic property developers in Suffolk - New builds, renovations and extensions.

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